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Cycle day 13

Dec 31, 2008 - 1 comments

Today is day 13 of my cycle,  I don't feel good and my stomach is super upset. It seems around this time of my cycle I'm very anxious and have mixed emotions. I'm so frustrated that it won't work this month, and so nervous it will. I didn't sleep well last night, and am very tired today. I'm off work tomorrow so I should get my positive OPK tomorrow so at least I won't be at work right! I just want to cry so bad. Yesterday while I was waiting for the nurse to do my u/s all I could think about was the day I'll finally get to be the one that says, "I'm pregnant!". I cried after the appointment, I had sun glasses on so my hubby didn't see. But I did.. lost in my thought of why me!!  I know it will happen this whole thing though really has it's bad days...

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by mrspace24, Dec 31, 2008
I totally know what you mean hun!  It's so hard going through all of this.  Like I said in my note, I'm going to switch to an RE if I don't get pregnant in this cycle or the next.  I'll have to go to KC because that's the nearest place.  But I've heard good things.  Don't'll happen!

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