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32 week Perinatologist appointment update!

Dec 31, 2008 - 0 comments

Well, today was yet another great appointment. Thank you God!! The babies were measuring very well. Piper Rae is measuring 4lb 12oz, and Maxwell Michael is 4lb 5oz. The doctor checked to see if they are practicing their breathing, and they are! Yay. I couldn't be happier. My GC's cervix is measuring 4.11 cm! That is pretty amazing considering she is now 32 weeks. So with that being said, the Peri thinks she will definitely make it to 36 weeks, but most likely all the way to 38 weeks, which is when the C-section or induction is scheduled for. Piper is on the bottom and she is breach, if she doesn't turn, then my GC will definitely have a C-section. If she does turn, then she could come out vaginally and they will just pull Maxwell out by his feet! Only 6 more weeks.......

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