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A New Year

Jan 01, 2009 - 4 comments

Today is a New Year, what will it hold?  I feel like I am standing in a doorway peaking out and wondering what lays ahaead. 2008 and was a diffucult year. I pray that this one will be less harsh. I have been grieving allot these past few weeks. I can not say that the grief is about any one thing. It is as though I needed to grieve to ge able to move forward. I cannot say that my grief was only about my life. At times I felt over whelmed by the sadness around me and the sorrow I see in other faces.
It is 2009, a new year, a new adventure to begin!!!

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by hunnyjennie, Jan 01, 2009
OMG....thats exactly how I have felt December has been full of sadness for me and lots of people around me.  I feel very apprehensive about 2009

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by princesswarrior, Jan 01, 2009
I am reminded of a Christmas letter I recieved from my former therapist who has such 'a way with words' and who understands well the grief process. She writes, "we circle and circle throughout our lives. We make note of the seasons and learn that they will pass and come again. Our hope is that we will learn from them and gain in wisdom and grace. Hope follows doubt. Joy follows sorrow. Faith develops and we learn what lasts. Love is the greatest gift. Learning how to love is our greatest lesson..............

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by ronda01, Jan 01, 2009
me too, just like hunnyjennie, i seen so many sad and desperate faces during the holidays.  i am out there this year helping people anyway that i can.  please excuse the poor english mechanics of writting.  but in 14 days i am off back to nursing classes.  when i get my nursing degree, i want to help those that are poor, first with the proper nutrition and health prevention. i think that i will gravitate towards holistic nursing, then eventually preventive medicine.
that is the great success to a healthy and happy life.
i know that there are a lot of people who are so unfortunate, but for those that are poor, should qualify for financial aid, and money for education.  lets push and introduce education to those we encounter a conversation with.

but i too felt as though i was peeking out a 2009-WONDERING what was yet to come.  Let   us face each day like the only day we have left to live on the face of this earth.  help someone each day, and thank God , and ask God to bless us richly so that we may spread that rich to those that are unfortunate.  

One thing, I am going to make sure that I donate to the violence domestic shelter-FOOD-because there are little children there who nee the same attention of going to McDonald's like other children.

hope to hear from you both


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by Iska, Jan 02, 2009
Thankyou rondao1, princess warrior and honeyjennie for your response
It feels good to know that I am not alone in how I feel. Since my last entry I spoke with a few people who hate New Years Eve. I was thinking yesterday it is only a day like any other and yet it holds so much power in our hearts and minds. When the day is finally over it is as if we have held our breath throughout New Years Eve and can finally breath on New Years Day. At least that is how I felt. My body  felt less tense, I was no longer holding myself tight. I actually felt like could breathe once again. I remember thinking,  "it feels just like I was holding my breath" It was a strange feeling.
I will reply to each of you separetly when I have more time but for now I wanted to say thank  you. I was surprised to find three responses. Have a good day everyone.

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