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Happy New Year to all, now about this year

Jan 01, 2009 - 0 comments



new year


happy new year



I am looking forward to this year, especially with a new doctor and two nurses named Rhonda. They even apologize when they make a mistake and care if your comfortable.
My wbc and rbc are down, so much that my Doctor suspended tx for a week, set me up with a hematologist to get me on neupogen.
I get more instructions after my bloodwork this Friday.
I was hoping I would feel much better without the poisons going in my body, but all I can tell so far is that I have slept fine, no insomnia, I guess the anemia, neutrophenia just doesn't dissapear overnight, along with the abdominal cramps and irritabilit/depression.
I have had a cold and runny nose upper congestion. I have been told to sterilize everything, stay away from more than 7 people in a gathering, don't kiss my dog in the mouth.

I started out the New Year with a gather of 700 some recovering alcoholics, hugs included, you can't avoid the world, and infection could be in a gathering of 2.

I have had to rest a lot,  more like a tiredness from a cold or something.

I am rambling,
I am still grateful and thats what counts. I thank God every morning no matter how I feel.

Peace and Health,
Get Well


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