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6-13-12 labs

Jun 15, 2012 - 3 comments

HGB 10.6
ANC 1.22
WBC 2.1
RBC 3.12
HCT 32
AST 20
ALT 17

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by jules2551, Jun 15, 2012
Those numbers look great except that HGB!  Are you wiping up the floor yet?

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by hrsepwrguy, Jun 15, 2012
My HGB has been like a yoyo so I'm not real worried about it, I have been in the 11's and 10's for so long (over 32 wks) I can't tell the difference anymore, EOT is 7/24 YAY

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by Ironpony, Jun 15, 2012
Your doing great!!!

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