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Pregnant after miscarriage

Jan 03, 2009 - 4 comments

pregnant after miscarriage






hcg levels

Today I am happy to say that my pregnancy hormone levels are rising normally. Im still unsure of how far I am since I got pregnant before my first period after a miscarriage. On. Dec.29th my level was 281 and yesterday Jan. 2nd my level was 1445. It more than doubles every 2 days which is great.
My last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage only had the highest number of 500 and began dropping shortly after. Now, I just pray that everything stays going well and on Wed. Jan 7th I pray that they see a pregnancy. Ive had 3 miscarriages within a 9 month period and everytime, they couldnt see a sac or anything. I look forward to my appointment on Wednesday!

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by nikkiwilbanks, May 07, 2009
I am so glad to see that someone got prego right after a miscarraige. i had one on april 13 i was very early into my preg. well now i am a little past my cycle due date and i am kinda happy. the only sign from last time to tell me that i was preg was my boobs and a missed period. well now i have swolen boobs, i am nausious all day, sleepy and always hungry!!! i am so glad that i found your article thanks

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by T_baby, May 08, 2009
You're welcome! I'm glad I could help someone and my posts weren't in vein!

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by taphappens, Dec 07, 2010
Thank you for these post.  I too have had 3 miscarriages which left me feeling terrible.  My last miscarriages was 10/31/10 and I haven't received a period and have been wondering could I be pregnant.  I am so nervoud to find out.  knowing someone else has had the same issue and is having a good sign with a normal pregnancy makes me very excited.  good Luck to you!

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by T_baby, Dec 07, 2010
Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in miscarriage again! But I am happy to say that 6 months later I got pregnant with my son who is not 7 months old! After 4 miscarriages I didnt think it would happen, but with God's grace, it did! I had stopped trying because in July of '09 I found out I had lung cancer at 27 years old! I dont even smoke! I guess my baby was my gift from God and his way of telling me I will be ok and beat the cancer. I was pregnant while having lung cancer and underwent an upper lobectomy at 8 weeks pregnant. I knew for sure that I would miscarry since I had just had 4 miscarriages. Well, I was wrong! God has blessed me in so many ways. I have a new baby and I have been cancer free for a year now.

What ever you do, do not give up. The best advice I can give to you is to relax and try not to think about it, if you're still trying to have a baby. I am a living testimony that it can happen. I have overcome so many obstacles and only because I was determined and had faith. I'm glad I can be an inspiration to people like you.

Take Care honey!


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