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i want normal'

Jun 24, 2012 - 2 comments

Im beginig to think this will never end.
Everyday it's something new, a headache, numbing, dizzy, general panic. Always without fail something wrong with me.
I dont know how to cure this, but i do know if i dont do something and fast i am going to go insane. I can not deal with this anymore, it's getting too hard.
I sit home all day almost everyday, some days i dont move out of bed, this isnt what i want.
I'm a neat freak, yet i have not cleaned my house for 6 days... Not like me at all, i just dont have the energy i dont feel like doing anything except i want to do everything! go to work, clean my house, go out with friends, go out anywhere but no the last week i have not left the house :(
This is just getting worse and worse.
I am convinced i am dying, i honestly think something is wrong with my brain.

Please if anyone know's easy ways i can start to rid this horrible illness please inbox me.

There is so much i want to do yet i dont have the energy to do any of it. I know i shoudl excersise, go visit people, go for a quiet drive or something anything that involves me getting out of my house, but i cant bring myself to do it.
I dont want to do this, i dont want to live like this anymore.
I am 20 years old and here i am sitting in my dark bedroom at 4 30 pm where i have been the last 3 days. That is not normal, i want to cry, jump, scream, smash things and sometimes i feel like i want to rip my hair out because it;s not getting any easier/better. Every damn day is getting harder and worse and i feel like im loosing it.
I NEED MY LIFE BACK. PLEASE SOMEONE, ANYONE HELP ME. tell me what to do, tell me how to stop thinking i am dying.

I miss life, I miss enjoying things, going out and getting absolutely **** faced with my friends, going camping, working, being me. Why has this happened? Honestly will it ever go away? I dont want my life to be like this now, tomorrow, yesterday ever! i just want to be happy.

HOW?! :'( i am really loosing fighting the tears constantly, everyday, trying not to break is so hard. im tired of it all.
I've been told to go on medication but people say it doesnt cure the anxiety that if i was to go on meds then come off the anxiety will still be there if that makes sense. I just want it gone completely forever. How do i do that?

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by aheart, Jun 24, 2012
Oh sweetie I'm so sorry that you are in such a state! I come to you with good news, yes you can take your life back and finally be the person out there enjoying life like everyone wants to do! No this is not a commercial.The first thing you have to do is get into TX (treatment) Not knowing your history I don't know how much you have had. If you could answer just a couple Qs & As for me then we can get busy. Have you ever been under a doctor's care for anxiety? Have you ever been under a psychiatrists care for anxiety & depression? When? What meds? Please answer and I'll get back.
Think good thoughts because your life can change for the better starting today.:)

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by AnxietyGirl2012, Jun 24, 2012
Thank you for your reply :) it means alot.
I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with anxiety then i changed dr's. He referred me to a phsycologist who i have had 5 visits with. I honestly dont think he has helped me.
I am not on any meds, my dr didnt think i neeed them.

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