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Buy resveratrol  in Australia

Jun 25, 2012 - 0 comments



buy resver



One of the most effective, powerful and pure trans - resveratrol products available in Australia.
What Makes Our Resveratrol Better Than Most?
Our resveratrol product uses only the trans - grade resveratrol, and not the cheaper "cis" option. Unfortunately many suppliers go with the cheaper option - always demand access to recent independant lab testing!
Our resveratrol product is sourced from a GMP approved and HACCP certified company. Quality is thus assured with our product.  
We do not use fillers within our resveratrol product - so no silica, quercetin, oatbran, glidants, and other such addidives. This makes for a better quality product, but a more difficult capsule to manufacture.
We don't use micronized resveratrol within our capsules, as to date there is no supporting documentation to suggest that there is any increase in efficacy. Our particle size is optimized for greater absorption within the GI tract.
Resveratrol Australia :

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