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Just a note

Feb 28, 2008 - 0 comments

In Him we can find Joy

Rick's doing okay.  I can say that he is talking more and his eyes look much more clear.
Rick was trying to see the stars out the driver side window from the passenger's seat.  I pulled over so he could get a better look by standing with the door open.  He said he couldn't find the star he was looking for.  It was the star parallel with the window he was looking out of.  My thought. . . How different a perspective when looking at things through a narrow, far off window as compared to a higher, complete view.  He couldn't find the little star once presented with the grand scheme.  I can't put in words at this time how this affected me, but think on it.  We see but a tiny piece and feel lost in the massiveness of it all. . . God see's the entire plan and knows every tiny star.

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