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No answers given, still having a threatened miscarriage

Jul 06, 2012 - 7 comments



threatened miscarriage







So I went for my scan today and there was a 4 week sac there, in the right place and appears to be growing well...
But.. by mine & docs calculations I should be 5-6 weeks along so I believe I am in the progress of having a miscarriage. Gynacologists will not confirm this and made me another scan app for 20 July, when a heartbeat should be seen. They say they have seen thousands of pregnancies that have heavy bled all the way through and still had a healthy pregnancy. I find that hard to believe in my situation.
Bleeding has continued and got much worse. Its heavy and been heavy for around 24hours. Also passed 2 clots this morning. Cramps are on and off and pretty bad. It does feel as tho am having my AF.
So heads now up my backside. Emotions are all over the place and I really don't know what to think.
Today I have had to spend the majority of the day away from my beautiful baby girl, which has been horrible and I am beginning to question wheather am doing the right thing by continuing with the pregnancy?
Then I think of them ladies who have been TTC for so long and so deserve to have a child.
It's hard trying to keep a brave face up so that my daughter doesn't sense there is something wrong.

I really really believe that mother nature has taken it into her hands and am heading down the road of miscarriage.
I would be at the same stage I was when I m/c my 1st baby, which had stoppped developing at 4 weeks and I miscarried at 6.5 weeks.
So now I have to wait it out and see what happens :(

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by Gabbi0312, Jul 06, 2012
Aw im sorry. I hope your gonna be alright. Keeping you and your family in my prayers! :) xoxo

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by Gabbi0312, Jul 06, 2012
Aw im sorry. I hope your gonna be alright. Keeping you and your family in my prayers! :) xoxo

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by luvloveluv, Jul 06, 2012
praying for you and your little bean. you could possibly have a subchorionic hematoma, that could explain why you're having spotting and bleeding. put yourself on bed rest for now, keep your feet up and keep yourself hydrated until your appointment. no sex either, that can also irritate the cervix and cause further bleeding too.

i'm so sorry you're in limbo right now, praying everything turns out for you girlie *hugs*

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by nic374, Jul 06, 2012
I think u will have a healthy pregnancy. :) never had a miscraige I terminated 2 pregnancies one in Jan of 1997 and another one in June of 2007 thats a mistake that u will regret best of luck so think everything out before acting xxx

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by BabyDreamin88, Jul 07, 2012
Thanks guys.. for all the support. Its abit hard to rest with a 7 month old thats nearly walking lol..
I'll try my best tho.. xx

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by nic374, Jul 07, 2012
I know its a little shocking I still in cant believe Im going to have a 4th kid Im due early dec Im showing now and I still think Im in denia, i thought of doing the aboration pill which has to be taken prior to 4 weeks, because I could not have gone thru another aboration that required a D & C, I know i would have hated that more than actually pregnancy. My aboration of june 2007 was the worst feeling in the world, and the odd thing was the baby was to be on dec 12, 2007, almost the same edd as this baby im pregnant with now, but I ended it at 12 weeks old, so that was really really bad and I regret that moment, but the thoughts of having a another baby made me sick, same with this pregnancy, but knew I couldnt go thru that process again, ur body still things its pregnant after a aboration too which made me even sadder than i was prior to my aboration of 2007, keep in touch im here for u :)))

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by Piikka, Jul 14, 2012
Im almost in the same page as you one year ago i had a d&C IT WAS HORRIBLE my baby stoped growing at 6 WEEKS old it was so bad to hear that specially because i had lost my twins in 2007 nd had a high risk pregnancy in 09 witch thats my handsone son today his 2 years old nd now im pregnant aroun4 weeks it drives me ctazy to thibk that my baby will stop growing again im doing everything possible to stay healthy but omg my emotions anxiety is not good
and i surely dobt want medication for it sence i been dribking medixation for uti im also scared that that medication would harm my baby..i just keep praying all day my husband is so excited and so m i i really hope everytjing is ok cus i wouldbt be able to stabd another lost ...

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