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Upper back & neck pain

Jul 08, 2012 - 0 comments

Push mowed part of the yard today for excercise. All was well until later while helping my mother shower and dress. Started with a nagging ache and quickly turned into major pain between the shoulder blades and upper back. Again, Hydrocodone barely takes the edge off. Damn, I wish the back pain would just stop!

Pain in right shoulder joint and both wrists. Not constant, just nagging sharp pains.  

Since I'm keeping track now, something that's been happening for a long time when I bend my knees too far and bend the ankles I have severe pain in them. My ankles have been stiff for a very long time. Just didn't realize it might be significant until the last few weeks.

All of the aches and pains I've been experiencing in my joints I've been attributing to getting older, I thought it was normal for a person in their early 50's. It was only when my neck and back began impacting my ability to participate in daily activities that I thought something was 'not right'. Of course, when I wasn't having a major flare in one of my joints, they were out of sight, out of mind.

My flares completetely disable the entire limb affected. If it's a wrist or elbow, I can't use or move the arm without excruciating pain. Same with the ankles, can't walk. I can't say the hip was the worst pain, but I did wind up having to get a nurse on Moms floor wheel me down to the ER in Knoxville. The ER doctor told me I had siatica, I knew I didn't it was my hip joint. The last time a hip was involved (6/11/12) I had to miss work and make my way to the doctor. Huh, maybe the hip is the worst, it completely disables me.

My left ring finger has improved dramatically since I started Prednisone. Squeezing the joint doesn't feel bruised like it did. This is the only finger that has changed appearance and has done so over the last couple of years. It's not crooked, just thicker. I actually thought I had gout, like Mom. I recently realized I can no longer take my rings off.

Calling the Rheumatologist tomorrow for the xray and blood test results and whether or not I'll have to take Methotrexate. Scary times...

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