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Final Diagnosis

Jul 09, 2012 - 0 comments

My C-Peptide test came back positive today. Xrays show damage in my neck, hands and feet. So I have a +RF and +C-Peptide. Does that mean it's agressive? A nurse gave me a positive diagnosis for Rheumatoid Arthritis per the doctor. I find it strange that he doesn't want to see me until 9/5/12 but they requested that I make an appointment for 6 weeks from now for blood work at my GP since the Rheumy will be out of town. I have questions and no answers regarding my individual condition. How much damage? How advanced? Will I be deformed or disabled? What he hell is MY prognosis?

Picking up my prescriptions for Methotrexate and Folic Acid tomorrow afternoon. Will start taking it on Friday night.

Going to my GP for stronger pain meds tomorrow afternoon.

Not looking forward to this at all.

Took a look at my neck and back tonight after noticing swelling and redness in my right shoulder. The area from my hairline down my neck and between the shoulder blades is red. Swelling is visible on either side of my spine between the shoulder blades. Damn it hurts!

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