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Staging, Hair Loss, and low WBC

Jul 10, 2012 - 0 comments

hair loss

Well we asked and finally found out that Abel is in Stage II. He is also shedding like a cat. His hair is starting to come out in tuffs and he is losing his facial hair also. He has a bad wound on his left leg that has 4 heads. It feels like a cyst because it's so hard and hot to the touch, but it could be an infected hair follicle. We're going to have the nurses check it out today to see what they can do about it. It's so painful that he can barely walk.

He was to get Bleomycin today, but his WBC was too low and his platelets were a bit low too. He had PFTs today too. He took Tylenol this morning before his test because of his leg.

UPDATE: He had a bad rash that resembled acne all over his body coincidentally forming after his first shot of Neupogen which was 7/5. The doctor checked him out was baffled. There might be a possibility that he has Shingles. He's taking Acyclovir for the Shingles and Keflex for his leg wound. Thursday, we will find out which one is causing the rash.

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