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Day 7 of stims--3rd IVF cycle

Jul 12, 2012 - 1 comments

I am on day 7 of stims!  This is my 3rd IVF cycle so I am trying to stay positive. I really hope it works this time. I see my RE on Friday for u/s and blood work.  I hope everything is growing well.  I am on Lupron and Menopur which is different from the last 2 cycles.  I feel extra bloated and lots of cramping on my right and left ovaries.  i hope this is a good sign.  My ER should be sometime next week, which I can't stop thinking about!  Very nerve wracking!!  

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by Ginger077, Jul 12, 2012
Yes it's nerve wracking but you are almost finished with stims!! I felt that way each cycle about the same time frame as you with the bloating and uncomfortable feelings. I would joke that I had a litter of pups in my tummy:)
Keep us posted on your progress! Sending you positive vibes the rest of your cycle!

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