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On the road again...

Jul 13, 2012 - 0 comments

So I'm on the IVF road again. After 8 attempts and having twins, now I'm on my 5th round at IVF again... I've just had two frozen embryos implanted from my last batch in 2009. All the rest of which were fresh cycles came up empty. Am I too old, am I not healthy enough, and am I meant to be happy and satisfied with the twins I have...? All I know is that I'm not finished and I desperately want more children. This time around is tougher than even the first, because I've been lucky to get pregnant, give birth and have two wonderful kids. It feels that it should be easier this time because my body has done this before, mind you I was about 3 years younger...  Ok just needed to get a couple of thoughts down on paper (so to speak).

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