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Journal entry for July 14, 2012

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Green smoothies




Diet and Exercise




Bear crawls


blood sugars

This morning took metformin (1000mg) and forgot to take victoza(1.8mg).

For breakfast drank 8oz. of  green smoothie(a handful kale, mixed fruit, blueberries, 3/4cup orange juice with pulp, and 1 tsp of raw maca powder)

Martial arts class 10am - 1:00pm(Singwallis, western style boxing and kadena drills.) boxing is a pretty good workout. Prior to class warm up consist of jump rope for 10min or until I was out of breath and two revolutions of bear crawls(up and down the mat 4 time) omg that was a workout more then a warm up. Definitely brought my heart rate up a notch!! Can't wait to do those bear crawls in the park or as part of my tabata training. Awesome!

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