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is it ever going to happen

Jan 06, 2009 - 2 comments

hardest year of my life thought i would of give up somehow i havent i must be stonger than i think
is hard to imagine saying bfp now feeling really down i just want a bit of luck x

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by LadyM84, Apr 11, 2009
:( i'm sorry its taking so long for you ?? how long have you been ttc ?? give the folic acid and magnesium a go please i really hope it will help you get that BFP . i read your post about your dads girlfriend just having a baby that must be really hard for you , i understand a little where your coming from my fiances dad hasnt really been a part of our lifes since i had my son back in oct 2002 the last time we saw him was nov last year (08) he randomly wanted to get in touch , hes married to a lady called Naomi shes very young compared to my fiances dad (There are some photos on my profile), but she is a very nice lady .anyway we went round for a chinese and all that , anyway i found out i was pregnant a few weeks later only to go on and have a miscrrige at 7 weeks on the 15th of dec , it was the worst christmas of my life . anyway i told dans dad about it cause they knew something was up when they came round to drop the presents of . he said sorry and all that palava but only a week or so later was phoning to tell us that Naomi his wife is pregnant (talk about insensative) anyway we went out with them in feb and i didnt know how i was going to feel all day being with a pregnant lady , turns out shes due a day after i was on the 4th of aug i was due the 3rd :) so my bump would have been like hers it was hard but i had a good day . luckily i recently got my BFP so when they take us out at the end of this month for my birthday i'm hoping it wont be as hard but i know i'm going to think my bump should be that big , but i am blessed again i am now due the day i miscarried so i'm hoping thats a positive thing , gives me something different to think about when the day finally comes :) i just pray that this lil bean sticks with me and that you get you BFP very very soon :)
sorry for babbling x

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by hannah1505, Apr 11, 2009
awwww thanks your an amaxing accet to this website i appriciate you babbling i just want my lif to turn around now and stop being so hard im always nice to everyone maybe il try a new way xx
its nice that you take your time
and on ur birthday u will be happy cuz u can talk about baby things without feeling bitter cuz you have ur lil miricle to now x

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