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embarrassing but true

Jul 19, 2012 - 0 comments







wheat sensitivity

So yesterday, I was feeling so badly that I ate nothing until dinner. I couldn't even drink much water because I was in so much pain. So when dinner came around I decided to just eat...damn the diet just get some nourishment into me. However, I did eat soup...just not soup that was appropriate for my diet. So along with this soup comes some crusty italian bread that I really like. Normally I can resist it, but I don't know if it was because I hadn't eaten all day long or what, but I caved and took a bite. I told myself that I would only take one bite, but after that bite and tasting that they had buttered the bread (they normally leave it dry), I couldn't resist. I ended up eating both slices!

I have a wheat/gluten sensitivity so I had cut all wheat products out of my diet in order to stay well. I discovered that I have more than a GI reaction to eating wheat products; I have a skin reaction too. And it's in a not-so-discreet place. I get the mad genital and butt-crack itchies! UGH! I was up all night with insane itchiness that I hadn't experienced since the last time I had wheat.

Well, that'll teach me! Even if I am sick and starving, if bread is the only thing on the menu...I'll pass!

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