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Back from ER

Feb 29, 2008 - 0 comments

Actually I have been back for a few hours, but I was so sleepy I just woke up.  Well, what else would you expect in Vegas, we have Blackjack...21 eggs.  I am not sure of my "good egg" count yet, but with that many there has to be a few in there.  My DH always plays blackjack in Vegas and wins so he is taking this as a good sign ( I think we are both looking for anything that may be a good sign).  Dr is going to call in the morning with the embryo count.  He said he is pretty sure we will do a Day 5 transfer on Wed 3/5, unless something weird happens with the fertilization/embryos.
I am pretty sore, but the bloated, full feeling from all the follicles is gone for now.  I'll let you all know our embryo count tomorrow morning.  
Talk to you later.

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