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Jul 19, 2012 - 2 comments








i,m 20 years old and i,m trying to control my masturbation problem and everytime i feel a tingle in my body i feel like the need to jack off and sometimes if i do get and erection i keep on doing it and i,ve controled it well and sometimes there times i need to masterbate to relieve my feelings and i have a girlfriend and when do i think about her when i jack off my feelings somehow shift to guys and i end up jacking off to men and women and what should i do to control it and how do i get over it and is wrong to have feelings for both guys and women when jacking off?

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by TedDanson, Nov 23, 2013
I just want to add to what lookingup33 said and I hope that what I can add will help all the young folks out here who seem to have a lot of guilt over this.

I will start off with a joke I heard growing up. A survey was done that asked 100 men if they masturbated. The results from the survey were as follows:  75% said yes, 25% said no, and 100% lied! ;)

The rest of this post is honest, factual, from my own experience, without religious influence or medical jargon. Not everyone has the opportunity of sex-ed class or the ability to just talk freely with parents on the topic. Guys (and gals) it is just as hard for your parents to talk about this with you--as you with them. However, I do know that your Dad or Mom will gladly welcome the time if you care to 'privately' sit and talk and ask questions about it with them individually. Meaning guys, its better you talk to your Dad about this (not your Mom), and Gals speak with your Mom. It is just easier that way.

I truly hope that any and all of you find it helpful.

The reality is most everyone masturbates (period). It is completely natural.

First, I'm an older guy, in my 40's, married, and with children. I have been around the block and I am sharing with you my experiences with a "been-there-done-that" point of view. I, like most kids growing up, had discovered an awareness of my body and the sensations of masturbation. Some of you may even have had "wet dreams" before you even tried masturbation. This entire process is entirely natural. Personally, I have masturbated on/off since I was a kid. As you get older it is something that you get less interested in, lets be honest when you are kid you have a lot of free time on your hand ;).

There is nothing inherently wrong with masturbation. I respect everyone's individual religious beliefs and I am not going to say anything against anyone's religious views. However, from a pure basic point of masturbation and growing up, it is entirely natural and ok. Honestly, more harm will be done trying to think you have to "fix" something or yourself. You are a beautiful unique human being and there is nothing wrong with you--NOTHING.

Now to dispel a few myths.
- You will NOT grow hair on the palms of your hands from masturbating.
- You will NOT go blind.
- You will NOT have a permanent erection.
- Eating different types of food will not stop you from masturbation.
- or any other myths you may have heard in the locker room, or from your buddies...whatever it is you have heard I know they are not true.

There are plenty more I am sure, and I can tell you 100% they are all false. Unfortunately, people (parents, etc.) passed these over the years to children to make them feel guilty instead of doing the hard thing--being open and honest. All of these myths just cause lots of guilt, angst, and fear. Just imagine how much better you can feel just knowing that you are 100% NORMAL! I have to get this point across, read this to yourself clearly, loudly, and slowly:


Every, every, every person has the same need and experience growing up. (period).

I don't have hair on my palms, I'm not blind (I have glasses, but that is just because I am old).

Now where can this not be good for you. First off, this is something that is very private and personal for you only. As an example, this is not something you would do in public, or post on Facebook, or something completely stupid.

In the end, be true to yourself and do not hurt other people. And know that if you need to, I know your parents are there for you. Go where you can get the truth, not the locker room, or your buddy. Hell you could probably spend an afternoon in the library by yourself and get all the facts on the topic (for what it is worth).

Be kind, be safe, and be honest. You all are wonderful people and I hope that you can free yourselves of any guilt with masturbation. It is a natural part of growing up and your life.


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by vamsikumar, Jun 29, 2014
but some one says more masturbating results to stamina of penis reduce and by doing it we cannot do sex for long age period is it true or not sir

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