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I wonder why!!!!

Jul 23, 2012 - 0 comments

So to start this journal off im going to say this is a very different cycle for me.
First i started 3 days late which isn't normal at all for me. I didn't have any pms symptoms which i normally do. so i marked this cycle as irregular. and im guessing thats why i didnt ovulate. im on CD19 i've been using first response digital opks and havent had one ovulation day. I started testing on CD5 and its now CD19 and i have a few more test left so ill keep using them until i run out of course.
I wish i had a real reason to know why im not ovulating. I hate the fact that im not doing something a normal woman should be able to do... This is so stressful. Im so close to the point to where i want to just say im done with this. But something is telling me to keep holding on. I wish god would just answer my prayers!
I knew once we started ttc it wouldn't be easy but i never thought it would take this long or be as hard as it has been.

I will never understand how god blesses these drug addicts/ low lifes with beautiful children that they dont care anything about and do nothing but get them taken by OCS. its unbelievable and something i will never understand. The people that want and deserve children and want to exceed in their family they have to try so hard to where they go to a point to where they want to give up!  UGH I JUST DONT GET IT 8(

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