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22 my l5-s1 has several issues cause pain in entire body...ddd, bulging, nerve pinched, siatica.  :( its hard :(

Jul 25, 2012 - 1 comments



Pain in









   Hi, I wanted to let you know I just read your post and i had to sign up to share my story with you. I'm 22 years old, I'm not sure what has caused the issues with my l5-s1.
   Since March 2010 (until February 2012), I wasn't able to bend over fully, lifting things was uncomfortable, but that was nothing. When i touched my back running my fingers down spine, I'd get to the small of my back and I couldn't touch my back cause it was so tender. Laying certain ways was uncomfortable, sometimes walking or just random everyday activities just made my back ache and stiff. I knew i had a problem especially with the intensity of the tender spot on my spine when it was touched over time. The pain was noticeable but I always consider it tolerable.
     I was living in WI at the beginning of this yr, unfortunately right aftenew years I lost my job. My back left worse this yr more than the pain from 10 & 11 combined. Since 08 I have had no medical insurance and since losing my job this yr I decided it was time to move home to GA to live with my parents and hopefully get on my dad's medical. I left WI in February, left the place I called home the last 3 1/2 hrs, with the same guy and "our family"(we lived together since 08, 2dogs and 3cats).
    I started to see a spine doctor and got an xray of my lumbar. The xrays came back and the doctor said that my left hip was rotated, which was visible. I however saw the xrays and thought there was a weird looking spot, low and behold that's where the tender spot was. He said it was ok just needed to start physical therapy to strengthen my back and core. I went to my first physical therapy session 3/14/12  it went ok I was a little more sore after then before. Went to Savannah GA for st pattys day with some friends. It was an intense day. Lots of walking, going up and down steps, it was hot and there were so many people. I took a pain killer in the am and made it until 5pm. I could feel it, I was sore but i felt like I got a workout. Had my second P.T. 3/21 she said I looked great compared to a week earlier. The third P.T. session wasn't a good one. She had me doing arm and leg alternating extended lifts. It hurt I could barely do 6. That was the last thing we.did that day. When I was trying to get up I uncomfortable, standing on the other hand and walking was incomprehendable. Instant tears from the pressure I felt in my back. My therapist said walk over to the doctors office on the other half of the building to schedule an mri asap first opening. The mri of my lumbar was done the first week in April, I didn't have my mri results appt until the 11th  because first week in April is spring break for the schools here. The results show my l5-s1 has degenerative disc that's bulging into my siatic never pinching it on the right side. Since my first mri I have seen 9 different doctors for various things. Had mri of the rest of my spine, my head, a 48 eeg because the pain was so severe and it wasn't just in my legs but my arms sometimes a twitching eye, constant unexplainable pain. At night I was moaning so loud while sleeping I would wake my mom.
   On 5/8 I had my first injection, I was so terrified. But i was told with how severe my disc is if i didn't start the shots right away I could need a fusion within 6months. That convinced me to go ahead with them. 2 weeks later was the 2nd, and another 2 weeks was the 3rd. I was at a 9.5 for my pain level before the shots started. After the 1st I was barely able to walk/stand after from weakness..The 2nd shot was even worse I didn't want to move. Since the 3rd which was the first week in June I have had variations in my pain. My average is 6 now which is huge. I'm taking 9 different medications for my pain, cronic pain, nerve pain(feels like electricity moving through my whole body not just my legs) numbness, pins and needles, stiffness, aching, random stabbing pain and more.

I'm a 22 year old female, I'm not allowed to drink, I have days I feel like i shouldn't drive, I haven't worked since January, I have at least one doctors appt a week at this point. It has been a very long year so far. I still have pain everyday, I have no curvature in my lower spine, I still can't stand for more than 10-20 mins at a time from the pain, head aches, sweats, inflammation, and I'm barely sleeping still. Just like you have to deal with this the rest of your life so do I. I know the pain and discomfort you are in. I have some days that are really bad and it seems hopeless. I didn't think at the age of 22 i would feel like my 81 year old grandmother. It's hard to look at life some days because I feel like life/the world are kinda passing me by and I'm having to take a back seat.

(Degenerative disc disease l5-s, causing bulging of the l5-s1 disc into the right side of a pinched siatic nerve , stress conversion disorder, mild depression and anxiety.)  It's hard being 22 looking at how much more I have/want to experience throughout my life and i have this permanent limitation.

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by caligrndma, Feb 09, 2013
I was diagnosed bout eight yrs ago, the drs I have now don't listen to me about my pain. It hurts me that ur so young to have this. When I had ins. I was on perc nd soma, plus zoloft this helped me. Now a hot bath and massasges when I. Can.  Swimming helps relieve the stress in my lower back also ice packs.  Maybe yoga or light stretches will help, they do me and I'm in my 50's. Hope some of this helps. O:-)

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