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I Took A Spill Today

Jul 29, 2012 - 0 comments



internal pain


Ovarian Cysts


excruciating pain


lasted 20 minutes


hard to breathe

It happened this morning, and all I was trying to do was reach my cellphone to turn off the alarm blaring into the rest of the house. I hurried out of bed, tripped over my area rug and flew forward several feet. I attempted to break my fall by grabbing for some kind of leverage but failed. I fell so hard on my butt, that my entire gut system was shocked, jostled violently, and I promptly experienced the worst pain of my life for the following 20 minutes. I cried so hard, I literally thought I was going to die, that is how much it hurt. I was home alone, dizzy and disoriented, so I just turned off the alarm and tried to go back to bed once the waves and waves of excruciating pain passed.

I only made it through half my shift at work, and couldn't remember driving there. I guess I was driving really slow, because I was 15 minutes late getting in, and my coworkers were so worried they called everyone they could think of to find out if I was okay.

Since the fall, breathing has been more difficult. Getting up from a chair, I feel as if my entire gut system is going to fall out of my birth canal. I can't get a full breath, and BM's are extremely painful. Emptying my bladder is painful, and once empty I feel stabbing, shooting, and burning pain in my groin. I can't wait until my appointment on Friday...

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