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Worsening symptoms

Jul 30, 2012 - 0 comments



worsening symptoms





For about one week my joints have become tender and painful as they were when I first got RA and the drugs were working and reducing the swelling but the there was still pain and burning.   It is even in my finger joints.   Plus, the pain in my muscles, upper back and neck and lower back are primary.   It is the intense stiffness and burning in the muscles.  I took savella for a few months and quit it about two months ago.   The drug really worked well but I felt as it it was affecting my mood drastically.    I was extremely irritable and angry so I stopped it.    My muscle pain has pretty much remained calm until now.     I will be seeing my dr next week but I am going to call him about taking steroids until I see him.    I stopped plaquenil the first of June because of the ins and needles it causes when I am out in the sun.        He will probable make me restart that or up my mtx which I take 7.5mg a week now along with humira.  

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