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Oh my gosh, I'm feeling better

Jan 08, 2009 - 1 comments







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Today has been a good day.  Up since 6:30 with no nap, and I've been pretty active today.  I had to go BACK to my doctor's office today for a brief visit with my surgical PA due to the pain in my left calf I've been experiencing.  First of all, he's a cutie and he's Austrailian, so he's got a killer accent going on.  He told me what I'm experiencing is totally normal that it's just residual swelling from my surgery 3 weeks ago and NOT to push myself.  Then he told me he wants me walking 2-5 miles/day.  Start at 2 and work my way up.  OK, I'm not used to walking THAT much, but if that's what I need to do, then that's what I'll do.  Problem is the weather.  I don't belong to a gym, and don't want to, and we have a great walking track in our neighborhood so on nice days, it will be great.  It's the not so nice days that will kill me.

Solution?  I need a treadmill.  I just don't want to be one of those people who goes out and spends a thousand dollars on the best treadmill on the market just to have it end up in the garage and eventually end up in our storage shed in the back yard.  My ultimate goal is to have my mother in law find me one at a yard sale (she an avid goer and looks for antiques) or, have my husband find me one on craigslist.  I'm just not one to "hunt" for stuff.  I typically shop for what I want and go get it.  

Anyway, I'm happy today, I can tell that I'm starting to get a little achy from being active, but otherwise, it's been a good day and I believe there is a rainbow out there under all those clouds.  I'm so grateful for all of those who've prayed for me over the past several weeks.  Prayer is powerful, I certainly believe that.  Now, to get off all of these miserable drugs, and THEN, things will be grand.  I'm just not a patient person, but I've got to learn that I'm not superwoman either, so over the next 6 months, I can't do more than I can.

Through God, all things are possible.

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by Sassy91265, Jan 08, 2009
I was reading your entry and a treadmill was the first thing that popped nto my mind and then i saw you thoght that too.
Yes you can find one cheap anywhere. It doesn't have to be a high priced one. anyway i am so glad you are feeling better


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