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Ready for help

Aug 01, 2012 - 0 comments






Ok I think I'm finally ready.  I saw a commercial for and went to the sight and got some information and doctor contacts.  I think I'll make some calls today.  I am so tired of the lying, obsession, pill counting, cravings, dreaded "run out" and panic.  This secret from my hubby and family is eating me alive.  Along with the guilt.  I can't even get through the work day without my "fix" then I have to have my second and sometimes third fix as soon as I get home so I can feel halfway normal and energized to be a wife and mom.  I am overwhelmed with shame.  So, I printed a list of doctors from the webiste and plan on making a couple calls today.  Wish me luck.  This would be a good birthday present to myself and a great way to kick-off my vacation in a couple weeks.  I just need to actually do it!!!!

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