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The Winter Pond

Jan 09, 2009 - 1 comments

Things at the pond have drastically changed now that cold weather has set in.  The pond has been frozen on the top several times and we have actually seen some of the Comet fish, frozen in the ice.  When the pond thaws they miraculously come back to life, no worse for wear.

Winter is hard on the pond inhabitants.  They spend the majority of their time, submerged in the four foot deep abyss, trying to stay warm.  They have a rock platform in the abyss with a "den" that Scott made for them.  We call it the "Koi Motel."  In very cold weather, that's where they can be found.  The deeper the water, the warmer the temperature, as I am told.  So four feet deep is ideal for them in the winter, plus they have their "motel" to go in and escape the harsher weather to huddle together.

They do not eat during the winter and somehow come back to actively and life in the Spring.  There have been many days when I stand in my warm bedroom and look down at the pond, wondering how they all survive such cold temperatures.  I put my hand down in the water to empty the skimmer that catches debris and leaves and within 5 seconds, my hand is filled with pain from the cold.  How do the fish do it?  I can't even imagine.

I have been tempted to go buy a heater for the lower pond during the winter months.  This would be a very expensive venture and I am told by pond experts that this is not necessary for the fish to survive.  Since the water is constantly recirculated from the waterfall, the heater would run constantly.  I understand the electric bill would be higher than what it costs us to heat our whole home.  It already costs almost $90 a month just to runpump that runs the waterfalls each month.

Each time the temperature drops, my heart sinks for my little fish companions.  It's amazing how attached you can get to such creatures.  They really ARE just like pets.

I look forward to Spring and I am sure they do too.....  We all await the rebirth of Spring.

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by LLWB, Jan 13, 2009
Isn't it amazing! Larry & I used to keep goldfish in our watertroughs. The cows and horses would slobber hay and grain in it, so they would grow algae. The fish helped to keep the troughs clean. In the winter, they would freeze over. In the spring, miraculously, the fish would thaw out, and come back to life! Seemingly with no ill effects. Wish I could do that! LOL I hate cold weather. Just look at the pond, from inside your nice warm house, and imagine how nice it will be next summer, to sit beside the ponds, dabbeling your toes in, and feeling them nibble!  Take care...........Maggie

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