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I've made up my mind...

Aug 04, 2012 - 0 comments

regaining self confidence







I am D-O-N-E with diets!!! I swear, I keep losing and regaining the same 10 lbs over and over. I'm so frustrated! I'm too short to be so heavy, honestly, but what choice do I have. I've tried everything. Maybe once I stop trying so damn hard I will finally start to lose and keep it off. Kinda like when couples who are ttc and having trouble stop trying and just relax, they finally get pregnant. Well, I'm taking that stance now. I'm not gonna go overboard and just pig out like I usually do when I regain weight I just lost. I'm going to be disciplined and make smarter food choices, but not with military-like zeal. No more meal tracking. No more calorie counting. No more carb avoiding. No more points. No more exercising to unhealthy extremes.

What I will do is exercise portion control. Now that I have a virtual freakin PhD in food and nutrition (due to all the mountains of books I've read and online research I've done), I have a better idea of what a portion should look like. I will also enjoy my food. If I want it, I will no longer deny myself, but I won't gorge myself on it. There is always tomorrow when I can have more if I'd like. I will eat sensibly and stop falling into these fad diets that seem to work for everyone but me. I will exercise. I will move more in general. No more prolonged hours of sitting. I will make smarter food choices as a rule. I will continue to eat grilled and baked meats (when I eat meat-- I'm more of a vegetarian than I'm not). But if I want fried chicken for dinner with the kids one night, I will share the meal with them. I will continue eating mostly fruits and veggies. I will enjoy desserts more now, knowing that I won't have to wait months (after I 'lose weight') to add all that sweet yummyness back to my diet. I will be happy with my meals and not stress over what I'm eating (or not eating). I will also buy larger clothes so that I can feel better about the way I look NOW. I will no longer deny myself the benefits of looking good in my clothes simply because I've lost my size 0 figure. I will learn to appreciate my body now as it is.

And if with these changes I still end up overweight, so be it. I'm tired of thinking about food so much. I'M DONE!!

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