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Fun Day Today

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self-esteem boost

I learned a lot of things today, but lets start this day off with talking about John shall we?

I got to see John today, yay. So apparently when I asked if he could give me a waterfall of his water (Sam, Joe, and I came to see him while he was at his shift for this school fundraising thing), he decided to pour the water for me aha. Also, when I tapped the top of his head (because he had his hat and he never has his hat), he took his hat off and put it on top of mine. Then later, I took both hats off, put his on, and put mine on him. Later, after about 10-15 minutes, we left to go to Alison's house. Before that, I asked him if I could steal his hat, he said it was okay because he doesn't really wear it anyways. I told him that he could keep mine, for reassurance that I'd give his hat back the next time I'd see him. He said okay, and we headed to Alison's. So at her house, we just messed around, about 1 1/2 hours later, John came (we sent Joe to meet him halfway). Before he came, I predicted that he'd say "hey, I saw you again, so now I get my hat back!", and guess what, he did aha. I raced up the stairs, but he still got me and his hat back. JOE AND JOHN WORE BRAS.Throughout half of the time he was there, he was tickling me or sitting on me. I was pinned down many times. We even had a small pillow fight. Well, it was awkward when he was sitting on me sorta aha. ..It's too weird to explain through computer or text, so when I see you again in person, I'll tell you; but he also had a sword and he knew exactly what he was doing and he hit me in the vag. Hush. So anyways, he also kept poking me. Yeah. I have no idea what else to say. lol.


After the guys left, I was on omegle (video chat) and I usually talked to guys (because I don't like video chatting with girls). It was Alison, Sam, and I who were talking. We talked to a lot of guys actually aha, but there was this one guy in particular that was just, I have no idea how to explain lol. I'm not saying that I'm crushing or anything, no, no way, because he was 19, but what he told me did boost my self-esteem a bit aha.

So at first, it was Alison, Sam, and I all talking to him. He guessed that Sam and I were 18, and that Alison was 16 (he also thought that she was the shortest lol, because we were all crouching/sitting on floor and she was behind us). So soon, Alison went downstairs to ask her dad if he could give us a ride, and so I stole her chair and sat in front of the computer (also sorta blocking out Sam). He said that that was better, because he just needed to talk with one of us, and apparently he just wanted to talk to me. (Don't consider him a pedo, he had no idea that I'm [almost] 14). Then he started to compliment me, and it really did boost my self esteem. He said I was cute, and it actually baffled me, because I thought he was lying. So yeah, he said I was cute and stuff, which I never thought someone would actually say lol, I don't care if he was 19, he thought I was 18 for christs sake, it still made me feel better, because actually, I sorta do accept how I look x).  Then I kept telling him to guess my age, to see his reaction to find out that I'm 14, but he froze, so I disconnected.

On another note, this guy should/is like my new favorite person from Omegle. His name is John, it was funny because we all freaked out when we found out that his name was John. John was like "WHOA WHOA WHOA WE HAVE THE SAME NAME OMG WHOA NO WAY"

(if you read the convo. later in the conversation, he mentions a guy in a snapback and some chick. John is the guy with the snapback, I am the chick. Just saying.)

Today I have also learned that apparently a lot of guys have liked me. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHO. DAMMIT. It's been a couple of hours since Sam has told me about this, but I'm still in the process of processing it. Yes.


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