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New Glimmer of Hope perhaps??

Jan 09, 2009 - 4 comments

So its been a week of up's and downs! first thought our cycle didn't work, then found out we did have a BFP on our hands, only for the spotting and cramping to have already begun before we even got our BFP! ( so we are up to four losses now! : ( ) Then the scary phone call from the RE that they found something on our genetic/clotting testing. But i must say now that this VERY LONG week is coming to an end I feel very thankful that we have found this clotting problem -homozygous MTHFR.. the dr could have told us something so much worse that would have made this dream come to a halt, but instead we have new found hope! A new game plan in place for the cycles to come. Hope is SUCH an important thing when going through this process.. we have gotten bad news after bad news, but i defintely consider this on the good news side, so hopefully 2009 really will bring brighter times to our family! i just PRAY that the new regimen, blood thinners, really will be our answer!  At least for now i can dream!! : )

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by Houston79, Jan 09, 2009
What a blessing to have some answers!  I AM sorry you've had four losses, but I'm glad you can get pregnant and now you will have a solution to the early demises.  I love hearing when others have hope!   You give me hope too!

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by blessedmomof3, Jan 09, 2009
WOW< I'm so glad you got your awnsers!!!! I know this will be your year now!!!

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by Helen72, Jan 09, 2009
Glad you are feeling optimistic.  Explaining your losses makes a big difference.  I hope your next cycle will bring a really sticky bfp!

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by bengalib, Jan 09, 2009
Dear Friend - I am soo happy as they say "process of elimination..."  I know that you will have a little one in 2009...after all that you have been is just a matter of time.  Remember...positive thinking and relax!!  :)

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