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Sleep is not in the cards for me...

Aug 10, 2012 - 1 comments





mood swings


Bipolar Disorder

At 2:25 am I woke up and could NOT get back to sleep. This is a bad sign that my mood is out of control. Also I'm stressed beyond belief. It's just survival for me right now. And that is also disturbing my sleep. Funny thing is (if this could be considered funny), what woke me up was an irresistible urge to scratch an unreachable place in the middle of my back. I've had that happen many times in the past , so I keep a back scratcher next to the bed. Well, this morning that sucker was MIA. I don't know where that thing is! The last time I remember seeing it, I was using it to fish a teddy bear from under the bed.

Can things get any worse? (I really don't want to find out)

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by pjbak, Sep 24, 2016
ive been using gaba and it helps me sleep. i hope you are better after all these years

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