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Starting Journal Again.  GABA etc.

Aug 12, 2012 - 0 comments





Back pain






felt like an idiot

This is a "Where am I" type post to get started again.  Last MRI showed no new lesions for the first time!!  Tysabri for little over a year.

GABAPENTIN changes my life.  
Lots of sciatic pain all the time and burning down outside left thigh and both feet at night.  Started GABApentin a little over a week ago - one cap PM.  Now taking one cap PM and one AM and the pain is much relieved - not only at night but during the daytime!!!  I wish I'd done this a year ago!  Must start assessing amounts of pain better and admitting it and treating it!  This is life changing.  I got up and cooked breakfast every morning.  The day I slept in and didn't get my morning GABA I awakened in real back pain again.  It backed off after I took the pill.  I'm amazed.  

Been fixing a new invention at breakfast that has been helping with constipation.  Some melted butter in small pyrex, 1t. baking powder, 1egg, 1/2 c. flaxmeal.  Microwave for 1min.10sec.  Cool on baking rack.   Dump pan fried scrambled egg on top.  It's a big meal but I get through it after a while.  It's not bad cold so I eat the egg topped side first and work on the rest all morning.  

I've been doing Ballet exercises, Pilates, and using my recombant(?) bike but I've not been able to do as much as I'd like.  My left leg is much weaker than my right and I keep telling the nurses that I have no weakness in my legs because I don't use my cane for that reason.  I use the cane for balance.  But then I get home and remember that I've just told them that I don't have weakness in one leg.  It's so confusing...Especially because I have to schedule my infusions in the late afternoon when I'm not at my brightest.  

I am discouraged about my brain.  I'll get a little better at reading online and think I can keep studying and soon I'll be back to sorting through scientific studies and sending them out to clients to make some extra money and then something will happen like last infusion day when I stumbled and couldn't explain the simple concept of fatty acids to someone who was confused by what oil to use and why.  I got to the hydrogen places in the fat acid that are open and how polyunsaturated fats have more than one space open in the hydrogen molecule and I couldn't  draw a hydrogen molecule! Then I wasn't sure I was even explaining it correctly!  I could have been telling her the opposite of what was correct for all I knew at that moment.  I fell completely apart.  It's scary when one doesn't know what one doesn't know.  The universe is unstable and so am I.  pffft.  

Specifically Working On
Weak left leg - strengthening.
Keeping shoulders down and back.

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