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My boyfriend has a problem, and I don't know what to do or how to take it.

Aug 18, 2012 - 5 comments

So we have been together almost a year, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have never cheated or had any other kind of sexual activity since him, but as of 4 days to a week ago he has had the following problems
* blister ulcerations on the end of his penis*
* burning when urinating*
And a white discharge.

These blisters look like herpies to me, ( i have had the pregnancy screening to see if I have any STDs and was all clear to everything including HIV). He has about 8 of them on his penis and foreskin.

We ( I say we cause I went into the appt with him) went to the drs and he took swabs and said its most likely sexually transmitted but didn't say anything else untill the tests come back. He got tested for clymida and syphlys.
I'm not sure if the dr wouldnt say much cause I was there with him, me being the only one he has been with in a year.

So what do u ladies think. We havnt had sex due to his condition but I'm still scared about what it could do to the baby, the dr didn't give us any info or advice.
Because its been a year is there a chance it's just coming out now and that he hasn't cheated on me....

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2141290 tn?1349033141
by lynn5x3, Aug 18, 2012
yes..  if its herpes I know it can lay in your system for years without you knowing. its possible that you dont have it because hes never been intimate with you during an outbreak but i could be wrong.. i would talk to your OB anout it and ask to be screened again just to be sure

1806883 tn?1458321004
by stacey10, Aug 18, 2012
there  also a really good genitle herpes forum here and alot of the people who answer the questions just about know more that regular doctors about it, so post this question over there, but I do know that if you have an active outbreak when you go into labour you will need a c-section, otherwise you can deliver vaginally, so if you have tested clear, you will need to read up and gther all info on how to stay clear of the virus while your partner has  the virus

1277082 tn?1344057820
by missybirt, Aug 18, 2012
Ohhh darling I really hope it's hurpies and nothing else. Anything else means he's been cheating on you. Whatever you do do not sleep with him till you have diagnosis and treatment. If he has it he can give it to the baby. If it is hurpies, and as long as you don't sleep with each other during an put break you will never get it. Whe It. Comes to being pregnant and an out break of it during labor, my sister has it and she said it burnt vbut she delivered vag. Hey boo on you for not being on. Miss you much!

1528695 tn?1360582320
by logigirl, Aug 20, 2012
He could have gotten it through sex, or even oral sex with someone who had a cold sore!!!!! and unfortunately, there's no EASY way to figue out who got it from where or even WHEN!
from my research on the topic, herpes can be in your system for a VERY long time before having an outbreak.  Something "triggers" the virus and then bam, you have a heated rash with a bunch of blisters. Any outbreaks after that will be much, much, smaller.

For you, he could have already passed it to you.... again the virus can lay dormant until triggered. The gyn will probably (should probably) place you on meds prior to birth to help protect you and the baby from any outbreak (if you do carry it). If you do have an outbreak, they will most likely have a csection because they don't want to even RISK it being passed to the baby.

1353461 tn?1340378203
by monnie143, Aug 20, 2012
Have you had a yeast infection recently at all? Men can get them too, and that is exactly what it sounds like (an ex of mine got one from me once so I know first hand) Hopefully that's all it is. Good luck!!!

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