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Please some advice needed my stomach is in knots

Jan 11, 2009 - 5 comments

im so nervous
i was due 3 and a half days ago i have been late many time last month i was early well perfectly timed i had cramps and thought af was coming 2 days ago and they have gone today had slight back ache yesterday no sore boobs normally they kill when af is due my nipples have been very swole though 1st week of my ttw i had constipation and very bad wind.this moring i have had butterflys maybe from nerves also i have had a sore throat after 15 months of trying and not so much as a bfp why would my luck change i have my doctors apt on tuesday to get the ball rolling on my fertillit treatment im hoping he says bfp instead but i really am doubtfull im going to go and get a test tommoro but i am just sooooo scared of it being bfn ts unrealll  also i dont no it is in my head but my wee smells a bit unusual but we ldys no how our bodys can exagerate things and so many times i have thought is this my month then af came why wud it be different sorry for rabling its just i never tell people this side of my comp when im late because it makes it worse when af comes hope someone has some kind advice for me good luck to you all x

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by colorado_g, Jan 11, 2009
some times af is late b/c we stress to much about pregnancy. the best fertility treatment is to relax. belive me it took me 6 years to get prego and I got pregnant the month that i didnt try to get pregnant. Had sex only 2 that month b/c i was so not feeling to good after laparoscophy . than period was late of course my felling were on prego but other hand it was kind of impossible since i had sex werry late in the cycle. i was carring pregnancy test for 5 day before i did it and got bfp and couple days later confirmation by dr. Good luck to you . And try to relax:)
I will keep my fingers crossed for your bfp:) I am ssending you a lot of baby dust

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by Gracie75, Jan 11, 2009
I know how you feel because it took me a long time to get pregnant and those many months of wondering if this is finally it. But I"ll tell you a story, After a long time of trying i finally decided to go see a fertility doctor and when he scheduled me to do some testing once my period came...guess what my period never came and I was pregnant. I guess because I let myself stress so much before it never happened and once I new I was getting help my mind stop stressing and I got pregnant before I went for testing...strange huh?  So maybe you are pregnant too...I will pray and hope that all works out for you but please remember anything is possible today and no matter what you will soon have a baby!

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by hannah1505, Jan 11, 2009
i didnt check my o so i didnt no when i od i rekon it was just bfore crimbo day so i was offcoresed relaxedi never even thought because i was looking forward to 09 my docs apt wotch is tue and a fresh start i hope this is my fairy tale x

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by hannah1505, Jan 12, 2009
feel sicck i drank a up of tea and trew it straight up but it hink af is going to show within the hour x

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by hannah1505, Jan 16, 2009
still no af 8 days late x gonna buy a test tommoro x

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