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I'm Sad and Losing Hope

Jan 12, 2009 - 4 comments

losing hope







I am in a state of sadness and shock right now.  My doctor told me that he thinks I am going to die! I cannot believe he said that to me!!! He actually had tears in his eyes when he told me that I'm dying - he cares about me. He said that my body is too weak and he sees that it's failing and breaking down and I'm getting infection after infection and he fears I will eventually not be able to fight the infections anymore! I can't believe this! Many people have told me that I could die but I really think I am going to die.

I am such a fool for thinking I'm going to have a family and a life...  my dream. It just doesn't look like that is going to happen for me. I am so scared and mad and sad...

This is just sick and I cannot believe it is my life.

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734343 tn?1239601741
by chemicalsoup, Jan 20, 2009
never lose hope!!!! I know that feeling all too well as my doctor told me there was not much chance and at the same time told my wife to seek grief counciling for her and my kids because there was nothing they could chokes me up even now - the thought of leaving them is too much. It knocked the wind out of me and for a while it hit me hard but after a bit I refused his words and thought there is no way that I was leaving. That was 2006 and im still kicking.
And so will you, I just read your post about the putting on the pounds!!!! that is terrific.
Is the raw foods working for and have you read Hippocrates Life Force?
God bless and you and get well. Steve

687561 tn?1238400426
by skweeny, Jan 20, 2009
Steve, your message really means a lot to me.

I have never heard of Hippocrates Life Force... I will look into it. I read LOTS of books and I am always looking for more!

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by Loribop, Jan 20, 2009
Hi, I was sick and was accused of being anorexic my whole life.  It turned out out to be Epstein Barr, Thyroid disease, Pernicious Anemia and Celiac.  I'm actually writing to tell you of my sister-in-law.  In  the 1980's, when we didn't know much about AIDS, except if you get it you'll surely die. When my (now) sister-in-law was 25 years old,she got Pneumonia while on vacation in Florida.  Suprisingly she was told she had AIDS and would die in 6 months.  No one could believe it.  She got down to 64 lbs, lost her hair, and was too weak to walk or eat. She made a deal with God that if she lived she would help other by telling people how she got the disease and how to prevent the spread of AIDS.  She caught the disease from unprotected sex with her fiance (who pas a prior drug user)  He committed suicide when he found out he had AIDS gave it to her.  Believe it or not, she got better.  Her T-cell count, which was down to 4, went up.  Her hair grew back, she gained weight, and eventually felt better.  She went from school to school across the country telling kids her story and how they have to use protection.  She even went International.  A story about her in Forbes magazine tells how she would never marry and have children.   A man who caught AIDS from a blood transfusion (that happened in the '80's because they didn't know to test the blood supply) read about her and saw they went to the same Dr.  He asked the Dr. to introduce them.  You can guess the story, they met and fell in love.  They now have a beautiful 6 year old son.  If my sister-in-law is now 42 years old.  Had she listened to the Dr's, she wouldn't have made it.  It was her will to live that kept her alive.  She never believed that she would die.  
It sounds like your life has been a struggle since birth, but you made it this far.  You're here and battling the demons life has thrown your way.  Don't believe everything Doctors tell you.  Miracles happen every day. Hang in there.  People care about you. Part of the problem I face with Celiac is lack of absorbtion of vitamins, which leads to malnutrion.  B-12 shots help me a lot.  Revitalex vitamin shakes (found at the health food store) help me when I am really fatigued.  It sounds like you've been doing better.  Keep it up.  Please tell us how you are doing.


724811 tn?1291430786
by Loribop, Jan 20, 2009
Sorry, just saw the typos in my post.  I'm new and I don't know how to correct or edit them!

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