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"Oh and you want that"

Jan 05, 2009 - 0 comments




its not the ******* same u retards. every child is different and every child is raised differently. we all no they are friggen horrible parents that barely pay attention to him. so dont even compare that **** to me and how i raise my children in the future. its hurts. alot. i am not jen, or sam, so stop saying that **** to me. its not exceptable anymore bc one of these days im going to crack and blow up at them about what s hitty job their doing. and asking me "oh and u want a baby" when a child is being a brat, just reminds me of how much i want one and reminds me about how they take for granded what they have. im sick of this ****. i am not working 24/7, he is not mine. by now u should no how to raise a child. you have 2 kids the age of 5. i should not feel obligated to give him attention when ur completely ignoring him the entire friggen time!! im just getting sick of hanging out with them bc it seems like they think just bc me and shamus are there they can just be mean or ignore their 1 and a half year old! hello!!!

have u ever heard that saying about how ppl are nicer to the *** holes they work for then the family that they leave at home?

that applies very nicely here bc both of them do that. these children should have atleast one good parent. i brag more about logan then they do. "oh logan said block, rock, more, cup(etc.) today!" "oh logan blew his nose today" "oh logan ate this with a fork today" its sooo annoying.. they should care more about that stuff then me.

i want a friggen baby.. if i have to wait longer then a year and im like this then im probably not going to be able to take it.

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