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jan 12th

Jan 12, 2009 - 1 comments






well today is just like any other day unfortuatly. things havent been going very well with shamus and i. i still want to have a baby like crazy. i think im going to go off the birth control. and whatever happens, happens. he keeps asking me if i just want a baby bc i think it'll fix our marriage but that's not why. i need to be needed. i need something to take care of. and i dont want to take care of my husband that way. lol his doctor says hes got signs of autism. hes almost 21 years old. i dont know how thats possible. isn't autism what children go through? oh well. so he sits on world of warcraft all day long and ignores the **** out of me and the dogs. we talked about it and i straight up told him that the only thing that truely makes me unhappy is him being on the game all the time. and he said he'll try not to play so much. and then what does he do the next day!? plays the game for atleast 4 hrs. maybe more. so i go to bed at 9 oclock upset and hes wondering why i went to bed so darn early.. /sigh it's just getting depressing.. :(

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by alliesheart, Jan 12, 2009
If you aren't happy with things now, Imagine how things will be once you have a baby.....that won't help anything. Babies put a huge strain on a relationship.....Good luck with everything.

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