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Acia and Patches

Jan 16, 2009 - 0 comments






Well, I'm gearing up for my quit smoking date - Feb. 14th. I have times throughout the day that I just want to throw my smokes away but I'm not quite ready too. I am afraid that I will have another failure so I know if I'm thinking this way I need more preparation. I ordered some Acia. Maybe this will help not only with the weight gain but also the lack of energy that occurs when one stops smoking. I'm the last person within my circle of friends that still smokes and they encourage me to stop all the time. Especially Darcy, my friend in EWA. I wish we lived closer. I miss her so much and yet we have always lived far away from eachother. We talk on the phone every week, sometimes daily when she is in pain or I am in pain. With the pass being so unpredictable right now I hate to go over with the chance of getting stuck. I am home again today with this intestinal bug. I'm getting laundry done and phone calls made but it's too much to take on anything larger than this. Then hubby calls and asks me if I'm going to get in trouble for missing too much work. Since my surgery I have no time off. Thanks hubby - now I'm wondering. I didn't even think there could be trouble with being away from work when I'm sick. Go in sick? Spread the happiness around? At this moment, right now, I don't give a hoot. My immunities are so shot right now I could catch anything except a baseball. My meds seem like they are at a good level right now. I see the doc next week for follow-up. I'm feeling neither hypo nor depressed. This a great place for me.

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