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Aug 24, 2012 - 0 comments

New Start


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calorie restriction

My 1st ever Journal Entry. Hmmmm what to put! maybe most people who have created a log for this I am over weight. Not by much (I don't think) but enough to feel yucky.
I'm 5 foot 7 inch & I'm just over 11 stone. Size 16/18 waist & the top is 20 as I'm very top heavy.
I would like to weigh about 9 & half stone but I think I might look ill at that weight. We shall see. 1st goal is 1 stone off by Dec 12!

2 years ago I was a nice weight (10 stone 2 pounds) this was thanks to my pregnancy. I was sick all the way through it & I dropped the weight.
But....after my girl was born I think I ate double what I needed cause I just piled it back on :-(
Not only am I over weight but I'm so unfit! & I don't want to be like this, because I don't want to be a mummy that has trouble keeping up to my little girl.

So this is new start.
1st thing I need to do is what what I'm eating. Lower my calories & fats that I'm eating. Then up my exercise.
Being a full time working mummy is hard to find time to train. Working 7.30am till 5pm then its pick little one up from daycare & then its tea & bed!
I've found EA Sports active for the Nintendo WII awesome. I only need to find 30 mins to do a workout & burn 200 calories.

So watch this space. Hopefully I will loose the weight by Dec using this app.

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