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Egg Retrieval

Aug 25, 2012 - 1 comments

Egg Retrieval 8-24-12
     Procedure went well.   Was told they had 10 follies- but maybe 9 looked mature.    

   Update-  I just can't catch a break.   Got the call that again all my eggs were immature.   So no ICSI.   Out of the 12 only 2 fertilized.    My RE seemed sad and just as confused by the results as we were.   Now he wants to make it a 3 day transfer instead of 5 in the hopes that my body will be a better incubator then the lab.   I really don't know what to think or how to feel right now.   I am so devastated.   It is hard to remain hopeful at this time.  

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by Ginger077, Aug 25, 2012
I can understand your frustration about the two eggs. I wonder why so many were immature. I will tell you that a 3 day transfer is what we did last time and got a BFP. None of my other 20 eggs made it to day 5. Even though my RE prefers 5dt he does say that the best place for those embryos are in moms uterus. The best lab cannot mimic that environment perfectly. If you would like some tips post transfer I got from my acupuncturist  let me know, send me a message. Praying your transfer goes well and those embryos are gonna get you your BFP my friend.

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