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Aug 26, 2012 - 0 comments

Today was quite slow. I had a terrible nightmare and awoke crying my eyes out, its been years since i had a dream that bad. I ended up falling back asleep but woke up from yet ANOTHER nightmare.
I got up and realized my mom was leaving for the weekend and possibly a week. Making me sit at home with my younger brother. No biggie.
Our neighbor ended up coming downstairs and had me watch his young girls...which was weird, he didnt ask if i could he just dropped them off. But i need money to buy my boyfriend a birthday present so i didnt complain at all. THey are good girls and pretty much easy to watch. My boyfriend of course came over to help out, i been under some stress lately so its hard to keep control of my outbursts.
I cooked bacon and grilled cheese for everyone and enjoyed that soooooo much.
Unfortunatly i did a 'no-no' when alone with my now we are both worried YET again. It's not hit me yet so im not freaking out...i think thats why he got so worried about me. It got slightly annoying when he kept asking if i was okay but it made me feel so much better knowing he cared. God, i hope im okay.

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