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Nothing but disappointed

Aug 26, 2012 - 6 comments

So I was living with someone since January. He told me he would always be there for me, always be there for my unborn baby, and he'd always love me. I had a really bad reaction to some medication & asked him to take me to the hospital multiple time because I physically couldn't drive due to my pregnancy. He never did. I was placed in the hospital on a Thursday night/early Friday morning. I was having super high blood pressure issues & my ob doc induced me last Monday. The whole time I was in the hospital, my "boyfriend" didn't calk me, ask me how I was doing, never came to see me, nothing.  Well I found out after I got release that he had moved all his stuff outta the apartment and is already living with his new gf and her family. Also that he's been seeing & sleeping with multiple females for over a month. I am so angry that someone would do this bit also because I almost died, almost lost the baby, & he left me with $3500 worth of bills to pay. I have lost almost all of my possessions, lost my car, and he gave me something I have to take medication for the rest of my life for. I don't understand why people are so cruel! I always seem to find the worst people! I don't know how I'm going to get by, take care of a baby, and trust people ever again.

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2136621 tn?1355121987
by jackie722, Aug 27, 2012
Shew that is soooo Hectic!!!

He seems like the Biggest **** on earth but the thing is YOU WILL get through this....

What you have lost you will receive again....I truelly believe that

How are you feeling now?

2117757 tn?1335965278
by carebearmomma, Aug 27, 2012
I feel alright, just still kind of bitter about the whole thing. I am more worried about my daughter than him though. She is my world & doesn't deserve to have people like him in her life. I am also worried about how I'm gonna pay all these bills & still take care of her but it will come with time, I guess. He will get his in the end & that's all that counts.

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by SexyDiva19, Aug 27, 2012
Wow I am so sorry! What did he give you? You should sue him for the unpaid bills if any were in both of your names. He sounds like a POS!

2117757 tn?1335965278
by carebearmomma, Aug 27, 2012
He gave me an STI. none of the bills were in both names because he couldn't ever get approved to be on them due to his record & past due bills already in his name. He is a POS and only uses women for a place to live and something to drive. He can't hold a job down and he can't even take care of his 3 kids he has. The whole 8 month we were together he saw his two girls 3 times and that was it. He clams to be a good parent and all this bull, yeah right. If he cared, he help the moms out and go visit his kids but he doesn't.

2136621 tn?1355121987
by jackie722, Aug 28, 2012
yea he sounds like a low life hun!!!

Better he leaves now! You will find someone who is meant to be and who will love you and your little one.....

And it will always work out somehow....


2117757 tn?1335965278
by carebearmomma, Aug 28, 2012
He is a low life & I'm glad.I don't have to put my daughter through his bologna. I hope to find someone, someday but I'm not worries about it because my daughter is the love of my life now. As long as I have her, I'll be just fine.

On a side note, checked the mailbox & saw the bills he told me he paid and now the grand total is over $6,000! Thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

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