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Egg Transfer

Aug 27, 2012 - 0 comments

Monday-  8-27-12

Today was such a long day.   I had an interesting morning.  I woke up ok but about 1 hour later I had excruciating abdominal pain that radiating to my rectum and perineum.  It was burning and very sudden onset.  It lasted 30 min then gave me a break and started up again.  It was so awful.   I couldn't even sit or get comfortable.  I was in tears and my husband didn't know what to do for me.   I thought maybe i was constipated-  sorry for the TMI-   but this was a major issue for me last time.   So I took some natural laxatives.

  I then had my acupuncture appointment at 10am.   Last time they told me to take my valium after I talked with the RE--- but I wasn't relaxed at all during the last ET and was really uncomfortable.  SO this time I took it earlier.  

My transfer was at 12pm.  I was ready to go with my full bladder just waiting for the doctor... when all of a sudden the laxatives hit me.  I thought I could hold it but then realized there was no way!    I was in such a panic because I didn't want to empty my bladder.  I had no choice but to go to the bathroom.  It was so embarrassing .  The nurse told me to only empty half my bladder.  I was horrified to have to tell her it wasn't my bladder that was the problem.  Ugh what  day.     Note to self!  Never take laxatives before procedure!  ha ha.   I had to down another bottle of water.  

I asked my RE what this pain may have been that I had this Am.  He said it sounded like I probably had a ruptured corpus luteum cysts.  

Anyways..... Egg transfer went well after that.   I transferred one 8 cell and two 3-4 cell.   It was so amazing to watch.

Then I went and had another acupuncture treatment afterwards.  By then the valium had really kicked in and I fell asleep.    When he came in to take out the needles I though I was asleep at home.  It was a good way to relax.  

Now the 2 Week wait begins.  I pray this time works as it is our last time trying.  My husband made me laugh when he said.... what if we had triplets?   I told him I would take anything I could get.   The idea of twins freaked me out before!  Now I just want a miracle to happen so we can have a family!  

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