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quitting smoking journey

Aug 29, 2012 - 0 comments

quitting smoking





I have been trying since May, 2012 and continue to have a strong desire to quit, but also continue to talk myself into "needing" a cig...I was down to 2-3 cigs / day then seemed to "jump ship"! But I'm not letting that get me down and I need to continue to fight as the longer I continue to smoke, the harder it will get to quit and the worse tthe withdrawals will get (again!)
I have had 3 cigs today, in 5.0 hrs = <1 cigs / hr
CURRENT: 6-10 cigs / day
GOAL: 5 cigs / day by 09/01/12
QUIT DATE: 09/14/12
Yesterday I took two walks in an attempt to divert my attention away from wanting to smoke

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