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lingering brain fog? Or, is this the new normal?  Hope not.....

Sep 01, 2012 - 6 comments

Today is September 1, 2012
I was just re-reading my journal entries here for the past 15 months of my life  treating HCV . Thankfully I have gotten a few laughs out of it and am so glad I wrote about what happened.  Reading it now with almost all the drugs out of my system, with eyes that see life much clearer now,   makes all of what happened seem like I was reading about someone else's life.    Until yesterday.  I guess I still have some lingering  brain fog sx, problems with nouns, and somewhat of a sarcastic attitude but everyone I live with seems used to it.  (or have they just tuned me out)    Im sure all of this will pass.   My brain fogs always seem to center around things of value.  Lost money, mine and others, misplaced jewlry, car keys, leaving my car door open in a parking lot with my mac lap top just sitting there in the passenger seat waving at passers by.....   on and on.     Well the other day I had to take my dog to the vet and took my man wallet (one that my 94 year old client gave me after I dropped two twenty dollar bills by his kitchen table and was to embarrassed to ask about it (after I banged my head against the wall  trying to figure out what happened to it.   The next day when I saw him it was funny because I was just looking around funny like and he says, "loose somthin?"  I just smiled and he handed me the wallet with the money in it and said " I think you could use this to keep your money together"     You just have to have a sense of humor or you'll go nuts on this [email protected]  )    Anyway, so I take my dog in with the man wallet in my back pocket, get the dog (christmas) all her shots etc., go to check out and go for the wallet, not there...  Im like, $hit!   Not again!!!!  I think i'll run out to the car before she gets there to check me out, but unfortunately dont get out of the door fast enough and have to say "Be right back!" as Im poopin in my pants about the missing wallet.  Put the dog in the car, look around no wallet.  Rush back inside and now Im thinking,  ok I have to say," can I go back to the room and look to see if I left my wallet back there", and as Im rushing in the door my toe catches the door jam, I go burst-flying,   into the waiting room full of people and their pets, I mean forward propelled, land on knees hands stretched out and slid across the room...  All my newly grown hair in slow mo is now landing in front.  (kinda like IT)  You coulda heard a pin drop in that room......HELL-O! I sure hope you have a surveillance camera in here!  EVERYONE BURSTS OUT LAugHiNG!!  The girls run around the counter and help me off the floor as I continue to lurch forward through the doorway down the hall, saying I think I left my wallet back here"  Then one of the girls says, " Isnt that it in your back pocket?  
   Well, one more month to go for my 6 month post VL test.   Lets hope all this subsides and I get back to my normal goofy self.   My knees are stinging a bit today.   See you in about 6 weeks with my news of SVR!!!!!!!!    LMFAO!!

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by BoceprevirGal, Sep 02, 2012
  Yeah, I'm pretty much like that too, only I cant seem to fill out any forms right.
I have all these 'back to school" forms on my desk, has my Tx made me this lazy? And I went to the DMV, and didn't fill out that form right either, it said, "wait, do not sign yet"..and I signed.  I made the excuse of not bringing my glasses, and the snotty lady behind the counter said, "and you drive when you cant see?"
    No, I can see, it just dont seem to have the concentration these days. I am 2
2 weeks post Tx, and I think the waiting for the SVR results is nerve-wracking, so we are distracted. Once we are doing the Undie dance, we will be as sharp as tacks :D

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by working dog, Sep 02, 2012
hi lydia....thats pretty funny stuff......i got the "nouns " too..... almost to a year eot....still some stuff going on....and still feeling a little better all the time.....i call joanne (my x) "lisa" and lisa "joanne" quite'll svr soon

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by Dee1956, Sep 02, 2012
Oh Lydia,. you are me!  I am you!  I am doing similar things and wondering what the hell is wrong
I laughed so hard but only because I have been there, know the frustration it must have caused you and can feel what you must have felt.  Yes, it does get better.  Some days it doesn't seem like it but it does get better.
I am so clumsy it is unreal.  Can't remember the names of things then get mad at my husband for not helping me with the word, I hear people on chemo get the same way

We will get better, one tiny baby step at a time


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by his3707, Sep 02, 2012
Hey Gal, Dog and Dee! So good to hear from you!  Why cant the worst sx on treatment be somthing like an uncontrollable elbow!?  That is one reason I signed Mdudly's petition for Bristol Myers and Gilead to get their act together and get these new drugs out!  People suffering with HCV dont have to do this anymore!  Thanks so much to all of you for making this comedy of horrors bearable!
Love and laughter gets us through :D

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by Revalation, Sep 02, 2012
Some people can be so unkind to others. Some love to get people straight even when they haven't the slightest idea of the challenge you're having. I'm gad you ran into some thoughtful people who knew how to laugh rather than criticize.

Recently, I had a guy in the cleaners say "excuse me lady, but did you know you took up two parking places." He wasn't put out because he was parked when I arrived, and there were several other spots available. When I told him I didn't have the strength to straighten out the car he just stood there and looked stupid. I really had done the best I could do just
getting there. When this is over I will certainly have a different perspective, understanding and tolerance for others.

Like you I loose things constantly and they can be right in front of me. I  usually panic and run around like I'm clueless.
I hope all this will end for all of us when we complete tx.

Have a happy day even if like so many of us you may be second guessing yourself all day.

Regards, Reva

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by pooh55811, Sep 02, 2012
I think your brain fog is very normal and hopefully it will decrease as time passes.

I notice that I am no longer putting postage stamps on the wrong side of the envelop. That's hopefull, LOL.

I still forget where I am going sometimes or why I got up and went into another room. I have trouble remembering the correct word and end up sounding like a 4 year old using all sorts of little words to get across what I am trying to say. I took my cat to the Vet the other day. When I went to pick her up, I walked in, paid the bill, and promptly left without the cat (even though she was in her cage at my feet). The Vet came running after me with the cat. I always take a book with me to the Vet (to read in case of a wait). I took another cat in for her shots and left (this time with the cat) but then I could not find my book. Later I went back to the Vet's to see if I had left the book in the room. Nope. I finally found it in the garage near the back door, LOL. After another forgetful experience in the Vet's office, I finally told her that I was on medications that caused some memory problems. I also find myself forgetting how to do some very easy tasks, like turning on the car or refreshing the computer or putting the car in park.

I am off meds now for a week. I am hoping all of this gradually diminishes as the meds get out of the system. Give it time. I am sure your memory and mental functions will improve.

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