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Dear Me

Sep 03, 2012 - 0 comments

Percocet withdrawal







Today is your 11th day off pills and this is the hardest thing you've ever done. You're just now starting to feel a little better--but still anxious and sleepless--physically. But your mind is not there yet. It's whispering at you all the time, telling you to get some more, just one little one, even. DON'T LISTEN!! You flushed $1000 of pills down the toilet--remember how good that felt to watch that huge batch just GO AWAY. And then you suffered. Badly. For days. Now you're almost 2 weeks off and just starting to become less irritable. You realize you missed your friends and that the pills have been making you give them excuses for not being there or showing up. You on pills *****! You can now look your kids in the eye and know that your experiences with them are real and not drug-induced. You are better without the pills. But even one can take you back to hell. Please remember that. STAY OFF THEM. Come and look here when you think about them--this is the real you talking. And know that it won't be just one. One will lead to 200 in about a month for you. you are an addict.

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