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I AM SO EXCITED to share the news that MedHelp's Kidney Stone Expert Forum is Open for Questions!

       Kidney Stone Ask an Expert Forum:  David Rudnick, M.D.
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This is a place to ask your FREE personal questions about kidney stones and receive personal answers from Dr. Rudnick, who's a Urologist!  You will also find other members who share your interest in the subject of kidney stones.

Having had numerous kidney stones, I am delighted to help spread the good word!

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by selmaS, Sep 05, 2012
I tried , but said it had it 's daily limit and there was only one does this one work?

The kidney stone expert forum is the one I tried.....

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by MH Community Mgr, Sep 05, 2012

When an Expert Forum has reached it's daily limit, it will reopen to accept more questions at varying times during the next day/night. We encourage you to please stop by again to post your question. Hope this helps answer your concern.


MH Community Mgr

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by Ponerita, Apr 13, 2015
If left untreated (removed) will kidney stones affect the kidneys. I have a21mm stone in one kidney and a 15mm stone in the other. I have been having lithotripsy in both over the last 15 years. Have also had them percutaneously removed and have had stents in as well. I am over these operations as not only does it knock me about but also my pockets! I had a jejunoileal bypass 15 years ago and am wondering if this is the cause and could this operation be reversed successfully after all this time. I have tried 3 urologists and none of them have ever tried to find out the real cause. They seem to put blinkers on as soon as I tell them I had the bypass surgery. I am at my wits end. I also take thyroid medication and have researched this as a cause of stones but I think its more the parathyroid but no one has ever mentioned this to me and none have investigated any tumours that could be present and causing these symptoms. I am losing faith in the medical system. Please help.

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