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Sep 06, 2012 - 0 comments

Well so the first time I was told I had PCOS I was 18 and was pretty heart broken to find out it would be hard to get pregnant. But being 18, over weight and with  no boy friend or interest in having a baby anytime soon It really didn't hit me I had PCOS. As time went on I lost a lot of weight but that was from not eating and working all the time. Then I got married and my periods were gone. I knew what my GYN had said. Have babies early because as time goes on it get harder and harder to get pregnant. So we started trying in 2009. ..Since I wasn't having a period and I did tons of reserch on PCOS I knew I needed help. I went to the DR and she sent me to a fertilty specialest when again I was told I had PCOS, after tests confermed it. I went through test after test, It sucked. But I knew it needed to be done if I ever wanted to become a mom. I tried clomid-nothing. Then the idea came to try fermera. I tried it twice, the first time i screwed it up because I ate suger, and for people that are inclin resistant and trying concieve..bad combo.So the next time I stayed away from suger and I took the trigger shot and boom I was pregnant. Of course there are a lot of testing involved with that. It didn't all happen simply like that. I went to the DR and had to get blood tested and ultrasounds to see if I was ready for the trigger shot for it to even work. But needless to say I became a mom 4-5-11. My son now is 17 months old and we have decided next year we will start trying again. (2013) I have weight to lose, about 40 pounds. When that is done I will try to see if I ovulate with out meds. Some girls are known to ovulate when they lose weight. Easy said then done. I was having periods without any meds back when I was 19-21. But I was 30 pounds lighter. I have no clue if I was ovulating though. If and when I lose the weight and I can't get pregnant then I guess I will have to jump through hoops again. Right now I'm on metformin..but its not helping in the weight department. ..Good luck with everyone with PCOS Cuz it isn't easy but with support I believe it helps. This is why I joined medhelp.

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