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Back Trouble

Sep 08, 2012 - 0 comments

Lower Back Pain


Back pain









Woke up with lower back pain.  It feels a lot like the pain I had last winter when my back seized into a strain and sent me to the ER.  I have taken a cyclobenzaprine and while it still causes discomfort, I can get around a bit better without worrying it's going to throw me to the ground in a shriveled ball.

I have to add that it's quite chilly out this morning.  Definitely a fall chill.  (which I suspect is the cause of this muscle cramping in my back)

It's just after noon and I spent some time outside (in the shade-about 1/2 hour).  I've noticed since I came back into the house that the lower-lit rooms appear foggy.  I noticed the other night when I was in my bedroom (only had tv on) that the room seemed foggy.  I didn't think of it as symptomatic until now.  Been doing a lot A LOT of research.  It's opened my eyes so much (although still foggy).  

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