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This isnt good at all

Sep 09, 2012 - 0 comments

Things got rough a few days ago. My mom keeps insisting that i can be grounded and that i fear her. I told her otherwise and she screamed and ranted and called me immature, she finally said to pack my **** and go. I started to, but she said i better put them away. So i did...i was confused.
Anyway, today was kinda blah.
I had gotten up at a pretty decent time, at 7 in the morning which is good since im starting school. I went to a potluck or something and ate some food, then went to work for my grandma to earn a phonecard. Went grocery shopping and just chilled at home. My boyfriend needed help with his projects that are due tomorrow...lazy butt, so went over to his house. I'm happier that his mom is warming up to me and keeps having conversations with me, unfortunatly my boyfriend has that childish part of him that is so honest that he opens his mouth to say stuff that makes me look bad but its a good intention. sigh...
Anywho, i keep thinking that im screwed. i honestly have a bad period is late. I mean its always late but this time something is really off. i have this feeling inside of me that isnt normal. not to mention my symptoms of a late period arent there...sorry but no achy boobs or craving for chocolate or cramps.This isnt good at all.

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